Rev. Kevin R. Daugherty
Founding Pastor / Mission Developer

Kevin R. Daugherty is a Christ-follower and pastor from Lincoln, Pennsylvania. He serves as the founding pastor and mission developer of Unfailing Love. Kevin was ordained in April 2013 as a pastor/minister in the Progressive Christian Alliance. In February 2017, he joined the United Christian Church in America as an elder/pastor, and he also joined the Anthem Network as an elder in October 2017. In addition, Kevin is an affiliate Christian worker with the Evangelical Network.

Kevin is a “tentmaking” or “bivocational” minister, which means that he supports his ministry through secular work. Most of his professional experience is in ministry, nonprofits, and retail.

Kevin experienced water baptism in a Presbyterian church as a child, but was not raised in an actively church-going household. He experienced several faith communities before eventually coming to Christ through Charismatic churches. It was after being baptized in the Holy Spirit in 2011 that he first felt called to ministry. It was not long after this that he began pastoral formation with several mentoring/educational programs, including Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary’s PSDE program and (currently) Christian Leaders Institute.

Kevin is also a writer/contributor for Pentecostals & Charismatics for Peace & Justice, and he is an active worshiper in a Lutheran church.

Kevin can be reached through Twitter or Facebook and by phone and email:

Phone: 724-590-1393